Women Inventors

Women had the right to invent before the right to vote. This book acknowledges their fearless originality and inventive ideas across a century of history from 1790 to July 1, 1888.
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About Women Inventors

You might never question who made the first dishwasher, or who developed an ice cream maker that brought ice cream to us “common folk.”

You may have never stopped to wonder who changed the hair industry for the better, or who created life saving devices that are still in use today.

But how many more ideas were lost to history? How many more women had ideas that could have made meaningful change for us today?

This book acknowledges the names seen and unseen. It sees the hours placed into invention, it stares fear in the eyes and sees the obstacles these women had to face. It places a name in history that was left behind. The loss of female ingenuity continues to impact what we do today. Did you know that only 4% of inventors are women? That 97% of venture capital goes to businesses run by men? That means today we are still experiencing the painful disconnection of female ingenuity. We are leaving behind the ideas that could make a difference for our communities, and our planet.

The decision to republish this book is made not only with the intention to acknowledge the women who wrote patents in the 1800s, but it is also a way forward. We need to find the lost inventors of history and today, to bring a glimmer of hope towards what the world could be if we brought women’s ideas to the forefront of invention.

I hope as you read this book that you feel inspired to bring women’s inventive ideas forward. To imagine a world that doesn’t exist yet takes bravery, and I am here for it. Will you join me?

<3 Emily Kenison

About Emily Kenison

Emily Kenison is a first-generation Turkish-American that invents innovative solutions for everyday consumers. Driven by care for the environment and the love of people, she has redefined women-led entrepreneurship to create a whole new era in the fashion and beauty industry.

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