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Women Inventors
from 1790 to July 1, 1888

In the last 134 years since the original publication of this book, women have sought to invent a future no one else could see. This book acknowledges the names seen and unseen. It sees the hours placed into invention, it stares fear in the eyes and sees the obstacles these women had to face. It places a name in history that was left behind. But we know these aren’t all the names. We need your help to find the missing inventors. Will you join us?

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"This book is a great resource to learn of different women inventors and the patents they hold"
John Smith
Store Manager at the Strand Book Store
"This book is a great resource to learn of amazing women inventors and their inventions!"
Carmen Hurtado
Sr. Product Manager of the Cade Museum

Meet the Author

Emily Kenison is a first-generation Turkish-American that invents innovative solutions for everyday consumers. Driven by care for the environment and the love of people, she has redefined women-led entrepreneurship to create a whole new era in the fashion and beauty industry. Check out her latest invention RobeCurls.